Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life update: No1Curr Edition

Quick update before bed as I've neglected the blog for a few days due to a few different things, mainly WoW, I made a mage and a pally and have been enjoying leveling again which is not really a very good sign but more on that another time.Also been writing a paper for American Lit, can't believe I'm not procrastinating it more, a riveting account of the mindset of several of the first people to America, should be a home run.

Ah well, better posts for another day


  1. that actually sounds like a fun paper to write, if you could write it as a creative piece and play with perspectives... maybe thats just me though. I like writing.

  2. My favorites have been Priest and Hunter, my Priest was the first to hit 80 and do end game with and my Hunter was fun to level and made quite a lot of gold in the process.

  3. Good read, have a great weekend!

  4. Ok I'll be looking forward for more post!

  5. When you're enjoying levelling a class, you know you're screwed for the next few months, cause it's only gonna get better the higher you go.

    I like the blog, especially when I see a wow reference at the top =D


    Take a look at mine sometime if you get the chance:

  6. Ah, that's where you've been. Havn't seen you in ages.